Colbie Caillat Concert

Being a professional photographer is mostly fun. No doubt about it. I had a pleasure of photographing a nice young lady, Colbie Caillat at her concert the other night in Livermore.  She was very pleasant with the fans who met her before the concert and she put on a very nice show.  I recognized only about five songs from her set but my guess is that I'm not in her primary demographics either. She played a couple of songs from her upcoming album, All of You (Releases July 12th, 2011) and those sounded as good as anything she has done in the past.  My guess is, that it will do very well. As with all concerts, the photographer can only shoot during the first two songs - so you have to shoot fast and just about everything you see.  Most of these images were shot a Nikon D3S at about 3200 ISO - 200mm F/2 Lens with 1.7 converter. Here are a few:



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