Making Dough

Photography has brought me a lot in my career - the most recent is my dipping my toes in the video world.  With some working knowledge of lighting, I had to learn about sound and how to edit.  While I am no means a high end "filmmaker" yet - I'm working on it.  I learned a lot about sound from a little booklet from by Ty Ford called the Audio Bootcamp Field Guide. While I'm far from mastering sound - I feel that it is poor sound that permeates most online videos - I'm going to try and change that for my work. To that end I just finished a video production for an Outdoor Cooking event called the Big Green Egg Fest.  Since I give demonstrations of how to make bread at this annul event - I ended up making a video, step-by-step on how to make this Cinnamon Swirl Bread on the outdoor cooker.

Producing video is not a simple matter - but add to that to I'm in it!  Makes it that much more difficult.  I'll post more videos as I produce them (less me - more creative, I promise) so you will be able to get your first look here on the blog.

Here is the video:

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