Creating product photographs that work.




We have been creating product images for the medical industry for many years. We have extensive experience with photographing metal  and chrome products and the challenges that come with producing high-end medical equipment. 


We can capture images in our studio or on location at your place of business. We have worked in warehouses to display centers. With the help of Photoshop we can shoot just about anywhere. 


No matter the size of product we have specialized lenses and lighting from car sized products to small jewelry sized items. 

Portraits that tell a story


Yes, we do create head and shoulder portraits for annual reports and internet profiles but often we are asked to create a portrait that tells a story. Images that will support an article in a trade magazine or internal documentation. When creating illustrative environmental portraits we strive to capture the individual quickly, comfortably and looking their best. 



On location photography and video


Traveling is what we do. From the San Francisco Bay Area where we are based to any where in the US and abroad. Understanding the nuances of traveling with large amounts of equipment can make a huge variation in the end cost of a photoshoot. Planning ahead and knowing the logistics can make a dramatic  difference. 



Learn how to maximize the abilities of today's digital cameras.  From simply learning what the dials and buttons do on your camera, to getting perfect exposures and composition when creating your images. 


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