Evolution of a Shot

Most of my photographs for clients don't end up as we start.  There is almost always an evolution to the images.  Here is an example: One of the services that this client offers is janitorial service.  So they wanted to have three of their workers on one of their trucks looking like they were working. So here is how we started:


As you can see, it doesn't look like anyone is working, there is too much "stuff" in the back of the truck and the light was not that good with the washed out background around the truck.  So the first thing we did, is to move the truck inside where we could control the light. As much as I try to be on location at the proper time of day there always comes a time that the outdoor light isn't working.


We have now added a light in the back of the truck to light up the interior better and also added a soft light in front and removed loads of things out of the truck.


After we add the workers back in we will need to do some Photoshop work on the final image.



Some of the changes we made was to remove the license plate (copy a portion of the frame of the truck and pasted it over the plate) remove one of our light cords, remove debris that was stuck to the floor of the truck, remove a red strap that kind of caught the viewer's eye.


Here is the final image, coverted into black and white, using Nik Silver eFex II.  In this program you can control the contrast of the image and sharpen areas that need the extra structure.

Copyright 2015, Terry VanderHeiden