Lightroom 4 - Proof Book

My excitement for Lightroom 4 wained a little when I realized there was no easy way to make a proof book using the new Book Module. The big sticking point was there was no way to include filenames.  I contacted Blurb and they didn't really read my emails - but directed me toward a video on how to make a book. (It wasn't in that video). I then contacted Adobe - their solution was to copy each filename into each caption cell.  With a typical event being some 1,000 plus images?  I don't think so. I had to come up with a work around to easily convert a collection of images into a nicely printed proof book - with filenames!

Here is how to do it:

New HD Wedding Site

I've just completed out new wedding site at Please feel free to check it out.

Using some new technology I was able to make this site "scaleable".  This allows the viewer to see the images as big as their monitors can accommodate.  From a small laptop screen to a large 30 inch monitor the images are clear, clean and have impact!  Also they have quick links to facebook and to my twitter feed.

Check it out when you have time:

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