Shooting Low

There are many options out there for support for your camera and not much can substitute for a good tripod. However, your day to day tripod may not work in every situation.  As is the case in shooting low to the ground. 


I use the Induro Hi-Hat tripod.  My short tripod  is fitted with a Really Right Stuff ball head, so that I can fit all my accessories with Arca Swiss attachments (camera plates).

What I like most about this little dude is that it's very sturdy and it can get me very close to the ground. The legs can splay all the way out to get shots only a few inches from the ground.  The bowl supports a 100mm bowl that quickly can get you square and with the bubble levels you can make sure everything is plumb.


With this trip to Moab, UT, I found myself one morning looking at small temporary, rain filled ponds that had formed on the rocks from the storm that just cleared before dawn.  This kind of subject matter can offer all kinds of opportunities to see your surroundings a little different.

Since these small ponds will be dry by about 11 am, you have to work fast and get the camera down low.  This is where the Induro is perfect for being able to shoot with a wide depth-of-field to capture not only the water but what's reflecting in the water.

Try getting your camera down low and see things in a whole new way.

Copyright 2015, Terry VanderHeiden