Sea Otters

The endangered California Sea Otter is a fantastic subject for photographing.  While in the Monterey area of California, I happened upon a group lounging in the sun and took out my 600mm lens with 1.7 converter and started shooting.  They drifted in a small inlet as they cleaned themselves and floated in the sun.  When the opportunity arises to photograph wildlife, make sure to make the best of it.  Move around if you can to get different angles. In this case I photographed groups as well as individuals.

Whenever possible always try to get some vertical as well as horizontal images. I always try to shoot some images with space to the left, space to the right and space above on a vertical to allow for a magazine to use your photograph as a cover. This will allow them the needed space to print your image "full bleed" (meaning that the whole page will be used for your photograph) and to have space for the magazine name, and story topics.

Copyright 2015, Terry VanderHeiden