Portraits Shouldn't Wait

Occasionally I am asked to photograph a special session. Something a customer need in a hurry for one reason or another. In this case, the portrait session was of a golden lab named Tucker.  My dog, Tucker the Beagle, and he share the same name and I know, first hand, how special the bond can be between a dog and their owner.

Tucker was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer and the owners asked me to do a portrait session as soon as possible, while he still felt good enough to go out.  We were able to get out to do the session just two days after I received their call. The afternoon was spent running in the hills in the cool fall weather, capturing intimate moments with the family and many singular portraits of Tucker the Lab. We had a great time.





Sadly, Tucker passed away four days after our photo session.  The lesson is, don't wait if you think you would like a portrait session.  Whether you use me or any other photographer, don't put it off.


Copyright 2015, Terry VanderHeiden