Dancing In a Daydream

One of my most popular images I have ever shot, took only a few seconds to set up. The story behind this shot I created years ago is simple.  I was on vacation in Carmel with my wife and I had just bought a new lens and was down on the beach working with it one day.  I saw this tiny  little girl having a great time at the beach.  She would walk down to the water and back up as the waves came gently in.  She spent about a minute near the water's edge and went back to her family.

I thought that would make a good photograph so I went up to her dad and asked if I could take a couple of shots of her daughter.  I gave him my card and told him to contact me and I would send him some prints in an exchange for a signed model release. He asked if I wanted her to change he clothes or anything and I said no, I want to just recreate was I saw a few minutes earlier.

The girl followed me down to the water's edge and I shot about five frames.   I got what I wanted on the first frame and then took a couple of back up shots. Forty-five seconds, tops.

When I came back home and processed the images, I knew I had something special.  A few weeks later I was contacted by the father of the little girl and I sent him some prints and he sent me a signed model release.

I have since won several awards with this image both on local level and on a national level.  One my most popular and it took less than a minute with almost no set up.  I titled it: Dancing In A Daydream for competition.


Copyright 2015, Terry VanderHeiden