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“Hey, the last time I saw you, was at the wedding!”

THE wedding.  That is how people will refer to your upcoming event.  It’s simple really, your wedding day is often a turning point in people’s lives and it is a date in time where the rest of your personal events are calendared.

After your guests go home and the cake has been eaten; the music from the sound system is replaced by a breeze through the leaves in a nearby tree, is there anything that you really get to keep?  There are a couple of things.

First, and the most precious, are your memories.  Make no mistake, that is a big one. Probably the biggest, most important item you get to keep from your wedding, are your memories.  It could be a memory of the last time Grandpa was agile enough to dance. It could be the last time your brothers were all in the same room and civil to one another, because your mother asked them to.  Maybe it was the first day out for a newborn member of your family (someday she will say, she was at THE wedding). The memories are without a doubt, priceless.

Yes, you get to keep your dress.  The dress will soon be packaged up and “suck and sealed” like a TV dinner, only to be opened when your daughter or niece is planning their wedding someday, many years in the future.

The one other thing you do get to keep and enjoy everyday are the photographs.  Everyone can’t wait to see the photographs from the wedding day. It’s always the case. The photographs are sometimes more important than any other aspect of a wedding.  The photographs not only show you that special day once again, but they stimulate the most priceless item, the memories.

I’m not going to dance around the fact that weddings cost a lot of money.  The cost of a wedding today can be a huge and daunting number, no doubt about it.  That is why at Image Light, we have started something new.  We now offer a simple two-hour coverage by a professional photographer. 

In some cases, people can’t afford to spend what it costs for a professional photographer to photograph all day at their event.  Have your cousin who has a good camera cover your wedding?  They are not a professional photographer – they will likely miss a lot of photographic opportunities. Why take that chance?  Hire a professional for the most important part and have someone else take pictures during the dancing.With all the Image Light plans, you get to keep the full resolution images.  While we pride ourselves on our custom made wedding albums, we know that not everyone can afford it and lets face it, it’s a digital world today.  

People want their images to post to online albums and on websites. With professional, high quality images, you can even have a friend who is a scrapbooker help you build your album. Or, come back in the future and we will build it for you.Take a look at our new price list and see if there is something there that suits your budget. If not, give us a call and tell us what you are looking for – we might be able to help.

Hire a professional photographer to photograph at least a part of your wedding. Let Image Light help you preserve the most important part of your wedding – your memories. 

My name is Terry VanderHeiden, the owner of Image Light Photography and the photographer that will photograph your wedding.  I’ve been a professional photographer since 1980 but in my defense, I did start at a very young age.I have been very fortunate so far in my career.  

My work has appeared in many national publications and electronic mediums.  I am proud to say that many, many of my images have a permanent place on the walls and albums of hundreds and hundreds of my clients both locally and nationally. 

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