Photoshop 02 - Hands On Class


Photoshop 02 - Hands On Class


Photoshop 02

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1 Evening – $99  7 pm to 8:30pm

(Class size: 3-6 students)


We will cover selections from top to bottom.  Making a perfect selection is the most important skill you will need to master Photoshop.  There are over ten ways to make a selection in Photoshop, with a different tool for different image needs. We will look at each tool and show you the best way to make a perfect selection. We will also work with cutting and pasting images into other photographs, how to transform images to fit your needs.

Bring your laptop loaded with a version of Photoshop (CS 6 or newer).  Classes will be provided professional working images for class use. 

You are ready for this class if

: You have completed Photoshop 01 *

Students are encouraged to bring a laptop with a current version of Photoshop already loaded.You will walk away with:


  • How to choose a selection tool

  • How to make the perfect selection based on your image.

  • How to cut and paste images into other images.

  • How to use the transform tools and when to use them.

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