Composition for Photography


Composition for Photography


Composition for Photography -6:30 pm to 800 pm


1 Evening Class - (3 to 6 students)

 Go from good to great!

Why is it that some photographs just look so much better? Many times, the secret is good composition. This is a learned skill that this class will enlighten you to many aspects of good composition.

You have been shooting with your digital camera for some time.  You can make a good exposure and you know how to control depth-of-field.  Now, you want something more that will really make your images stand out!  Learn about good composition and why its so important.


•    You are ready for this class if:


•    You have a Digital SLR Camera

•    You want to make better images.

•    You know how to make a proper exposure and understand Depth-of-Field 

•    Over 18 years old (unless pre-arranged)


You will walk away with: 


•    Why composition is so important for making memorable photographs

•    Learn how the masters of art through the ages have used the same tricks to produce a good composition. 

•    Learn how to take your images from nice to spectacular

•    Learn how simple mathematics can improve your composition.

•    Learn how to use the Rule of Thirds

•    See an in-depth demonstration in Photoshop to fix composition in images already created.

•    Learn how to use Leading Lines to improve your compositions. 

•    Learn how to look for natural framing.

•    Learn how to use negative space to create compelling compositions. 

•    Utilizing Depth-of-Field to improve your image’s composition.

•    How to photograph people and access your knowledge of good compositions to create professional results. 

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