Photoshop Hands On Series


Photoshop Hands On Series

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This is a four night class on how to use Photoshop.  All classes are at our Pleasanton studio, one per week. Regular Price $596.00

Email for current schedule.

You will Learn: 

Class 1

How to set up Photoshop preferences and settings

How process RAW images in Photoshop

How each tool works in Photoshop

Class 2

How to choose a selection tool. 

How make a perfect selection bases on your image. 

How to cut and paste images into other images. 

How to use the transform tool and when to use them. 

Class 3

How to use layers.

How to make layer masks, use blending modes and opacity. 

How to make a composite image. 

Class 4

How to retouch faces in Photoshop. 


Class Dates:
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