Photoshop 04 Hands On Class


Photoshop 04 Hands On Class


1 Evening – $99  7 pm to 9pm

Email for current schedule.

(Class size: 3-6 students)

You will learn how to retouch faces.  How to properly use retouching tools, layer masks, preset brushes, how to make skin softer, how brighten eyes, whiten teeth - professional retouching skills will be layed out.

Bring your laptop loaded with a version of Photoshop (CS 6 or newer).  Classes will be provided professional working images for class use.

You are ready for this class if: You have completed Photoshop 03

*Students are encouraged to bring a laptop with a current version of Photoshop already loaded. 

You will walk away with: 

  • How to smooth skin

  • How to remove blemishes

  • How to build new skin

  • How to brighten eyes and teeth

  • How to help people lose weight with Photoshop

  • How to retouch people like a professional

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