Lightroom 101


Lightroom 101


Lightroom 101  - 7pm to 9pm 

Adobe Lightroom is the premier photo organizing tool on the market today but it does take a little expertise to understand how to use this powerful software.

Lightroom 101 is a hands-on class where beginners to Lightroom can learn how the program works, how to import images and how to organize a workflow for consistent results. 

Students are encouraged to bring in their own laptop with Lightroom 5 loaded on it and to work along with the instructor. 

You will walk away with: 

  • How to set up Lightroom properly
  • How to Import images into catalogs
  • How to navigate around Lightroom 
  • How to sort and make collections and smart collections
  • Understanding panels
  • How to export images at different sizes for printing or web use.

This class is suitable for anyone who is looking to get started using Lightroom.

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